Cannabis Oil Research

When you take Cannabis oil the Cannabinoids seek out damaged and blocked cells and start to destroy the toxins. Once the toxins are stripped each cell is re-built back to as near as possible where it was BEFORE your illness. That’s why the oil helps so many different diseases – it doesn’t cure the disease it “reconditions” the cell where the disease resides.

The cannabinoids then build up your immune system so your body can heal naturally.

You do NOT get high as this is micro-dosing with medicinal Cannabis and it is not “recreational”.

The 2 main properties of medicinal Cannabis are firstly it’s a strong pain killer and secondly it’s a very good anti-inflammatory. Your body is also able to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat which results in a more efficient body which in turn generates more energy, balances the body and sheds excess weight.

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