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Honey and Garlic, A Powerful Natural Remedy

Looking for a natural immune booster to fight off colds and flu? Keep a jar of honey infused garlic in your fridge. It’s cheap, easy to make and together honey and garlic make the perfect combination for helping you stay well. Both garlic and honey have thousands of years of history as medicinal remedies and make a very potent combination together when consumed.


Garlic benefits you the most as raw food, not as a supplement. Even if you love garlic, it’s almost impossible to consume enough raw garlic. By combining the honey and garlic, the intensity of the garlic flavour mellows, making it more tolerable to eat raw garlic in high quantities. The honey is also loaded with health benefits and the two together can keep your immune system operating at its best.


The two ingredients together become a powerhouse to boost your immune system to fight off colds, allergies and flu. Here are health benefits of the honey and garlic. Combine the two ingredients and you’ve got a natural remedy to strengthen the immune system.


Honey is an antioxidant that is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and almost acts as a multivitamin itself. It can be used to help boost energy, boost the immune system, reduce allergies, soothe coughs, soothe sore throats, fight infections and prevent cancer.


Garlic is great for its anti-inflammatory benefits and it is antibacterial and antiviral. Garlic contains high amounts of manganese, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Use garlic to decrease blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, lower total cholesterol, prevent cancer and metabolize iron.


-Mason Jar
-Garlic Peeler

Mason Jar:
Be sure the Mason jar is clean and sterilized, as you would if you were canning.

Honey: Raw Honey versus Pasteurized
Raw honey will have more health benefits. Raw honey is not processed and contains more nutrients than filtered honey. One piece of advice is to look for clean, local honey free from pesticides and from a source locally, if possible, to help with allergens in your area. The best bet is to find local, raw honey.

Fresh. If you don’t grow garlic, get the freshest you can buy. Do not buy garlic that’s already peeled. You need to peel it yourself, and depending on how much you’re making this can take time. Use a garlic peeler if you want to speed the process. They’re very affordable, too.


1. Clean and sterilize the jar and lid.
Use a jar size appropriate for the amount you are processing. You’ll need the honey to completely cover the garlic while leaving a little headroom in the jar.

2. Prepare the garlic.
Peel the fresh garlic. You can crush the garlic cloves or leave whole. With crushed garlic cloves (just smashed with a flat side of a knife, NOT minced), the honey will infuse the garlic more quickly. The whole garlic cloves remain a firm consistency after sitting in the honey for weeks. Trim the garlic ends, as needed.

You can add crushed garlic and whole garlic cloves to speed the process. Just use the smashed garlic cloves first.

3. Place cloves in a jar and cover with honey.
Leave space in the top of the jar. If you are using raw honey, delicately raise the temperature of the honey to melt it. You can do this by placing in a warm water bath. Do not overheat, destroying its health benefits.

4. Secure the lid and let sit for a few days at room temperature.

5. Store in refrigerator.
You can use the garlic after a few days, but the flavour mellows after a week or two. The cloves will last in the honey for months. Some will replace cloves as they eat them.

You may notice the honey bubbling, and that’s part of the fermenting process. If you’re concerned about bacteria in the infusion, remember honey is a natural preservative and is antimicrobial. Just be sure to use clean jars.


Eat the garlic cloves!
While your body is feeling compromised, eat a clove every hour or two. You are trying to eat about 5 cloves a day. Once you feel you’ve boosted your immune system, reduce the number of cloves. But, continue to eat for health maintenance.

Use the honey.
Use in cooking, tea, tonics or as a cough syrup.

Sourced from the Gardening Channel, January 16, 2018

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First thing when you wake up, instead of coffee, 1t fresh lemon juice with 1t raw honey in a mug of cooled down boiled water. To boost your immune system.

Listed by Marianna Botes Meyer, March 2018

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