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Cannabis Oil Research

There are thousands of people dealing with Cannabis Oil, and there are hundreds of legal institutions (processors) testing and developing new strains every day.

The object of this site is to share information on which strains cure what, successes and failures. We all contribute, we all share and we all benefit.

Some articles/answers may be exaggerated, out of date or just incorrect. With a group of like-minded people all with a passion for healing through Cannabinoids the ability to get the correct answers will be magnified a hundred-fold.

Hands of Health & Healing

Spreading consciousness around the planet with total ease.  What contribution can I be to all my clients and to everyone?  I will use my gifts, talents and abilities to create, generate and institute sustainability within and around me. And to facilitate those that seek consciousness around the World.

Healing with Cannabinoids

We provide education and awareness of the healing powers of cannabinoids, as well as sell the highest grade of medicinal cannabinoids in South Africa. Our products contain 9 strains (out of a total of 46 that we use) are grown in contained, toxin free environments, extracted with CO2 and we have 20 years of research and development. We have successfully helped people to come off many pharmaceuticals including insulin, cured cancer, helped slow the progression of dis-eases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers and many others.

Optimum Health

Optimum Health offers a wide selection of Wellness Therapies.

Spiritual Dictionary

Channeled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers, with all answers to understanding life…

The Spiritual Dictionary series brings together more than 1500 hours of lessons that numerous guides and teachers from the other side have channelled through Geoff and Verna Hindmarch over a period of 25 years. These lessons cover the spectrum from absolute beginner’s level to an extreme you will barely be able to believe…until you actually start experiencing it for yourself.