Yellow Dock

Rumex crispus

Medicinal Use:

Mild laxative (constipation)

Liver detox / jaundice

Poor digestion, heartburn, stomach acid

Skin conditions


Bacterial infections


Kidney disease / kidney stones

Liver disease

Electrolyte abnormality

Pregnancy / Lactating

Blood clotting problems – may speed up clotting

Allergies to ragweed

Gatrointestinal blockage

Stomach / intestinal ulcers


May cause mild diarrhea in some

Excess dosage can cause: metabolic acidosis and life-threatening calcium deficiency (fatigue, seizures, confusion, spasms, numbness around the mouth), diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps

Follow strict dosage instructions


Any meds decreasing blood calcium: diuretics, Dilantin, Miacalcin, Mithracin


Water pills

Warfarin and blood thinners

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